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Challenging Path to thte top  Private Equity and Venture Capital

we can help you when the path Gets challenging.


Building a company is challenging; the correct path to building a great company – and the very definition of what that means – is subject to stakeholder perspectives, and the way to get there is highly subjective to both the goal and ever-evolving conditions.  Hiring great talent helps, but growth stage companies need to run lean.  Bringing on outside stakeholders in the form of Angel and Venture investors can bring needed capital as well as perspective and experience - but also bring agendas and perspectives to be understood and accommodated.

As experienced operators, we bring the expertise to partner with founders, boards, and investors to accelerate the creation of corporate value through capital-efficient growth.  Our goal is to drive tangible and sustainable performance changes in the enterprises we help.  We do that through transformation facilitation and consulting including hands-on project execution, C-suite and board coaching and management team training, advisory, and fractional or interim executive support.  While we are proud of our performance change accomplishments, our greatest value comes in the knowledge, skills, culture, and structures we leave behind in client organizations.

Maroon Creek Operating Partners provides CEOs, boards, and investors the help they truly need, under terms that work for where they are, and without inserting new agendas.  We offer service packages tailored to your specific and current needs that are agile to you and your company’s situation.






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Strategy Service Areas

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Corporate Strategy

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Sales & Marketing

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Corporate Strategy:  Maroon Creek Operating Partners has the deep experience across a wide variety of corporate development states to know which of the thousands of corporate strategy tools out there is appropriate for your stage of development, whether you're a concept-level startup, a company transforming into growth stage, a growth stage company, or a company leveraging portfolio, roll-up, or value-complement approaches to value creation.

We have the expertise to help you develop the lean frameworks required to fully articulate your mission, vision, values, short-term and long-term planning, and to ensure coherency and alignment between investors, founders / C-suite, managers, employees, customers, and your community.  We have the experience to help you develop and ensure coherency across the 6 pillars of your company:  corporate strategy, product, sales and marketing, people, operations, and finance.  Finally, we have the experience to help your team develop execution and planning cadences that get stuff done and are sufficiently agile, lean, and productive.  Additionally, we have a network of service partners we can bring in where needed and agreed to go deeper into any key areas that are required. 

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Product: Utilizing tools from business model canvas and customer development to value mapping, market exploration, and pricing evaluations all the way up to formal product portfolio management methods, we can raise the level of your team and help you make the critical decisions to develop market-traction products that an scale and that are coherent with your corporate strategy and the other pillars of your company.

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Sales and Marketing:  Whether your company is performing customer development, market mapping, scaling and operationalizing, conducting market or strategic pivots or working to deepen customer relationships and value creation and capture, we have the experience to help you structure and guide your sales and marketing teams and ensure transformations are coherent with your corporate strategy and the other pillars of your company.

People Strategy Icon.jpg

People:  People are the most important part of every company and the principal method by which anything gets done, strategy is executed, and transformation is accomplished.  Maroon Creek Operating Partners brings decades of experience managing large and small teams in highly dynamic environments and can provide structure and expertise on skills requirements, leadership at all levels, management structures, and knowledge / experience gaps.

Maroon Creek Operating Partners is proud to be a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index, the world's leading talent optimization firm.  Talent Optimization enables companies to optimize the align their existing teams to their strategy as well as grow and manage their teams with talent that complements their culture and builds employee engagement.  Companies use the power of talent optimization to design great teams and lead them through anything.

Predictive Index Certified Partner
Operations Strategy Icon.jpg

Operations:  Maroon Creek Operating Partners brings the expertise to help plan and execute operational transformations to drive value creation for customer and capture for the enterprise.  With an ability to focus on transformation to reliable, lean processes built on agile, evolving teams and technology, we can help your operations team drive customer satisfaction improvements, gross margin enhancements, utilization improvements, and higher efficiency and efficacy across the operation coherent with your corporate strategy and the other pillars of your company.

Finance Strategy Icon.jpg

Finance:  Maroon Creek Operating Partners brings the expertise to upgrade your finance processes, help you raise capital, guide the company's development to ensure effective utilization of raised and generated capital, and manage risk and equity.  With significant experience in strategic finance, capital raise, investor / board reporting, metrics and dashboards, financial planning and analysis, and accounting, we can help you ensure your financial plans are coherent with your corporate strategy and the other pillars of your company.

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Execution:  Great Strategy, planning, and alignment are irrelevant without great execution.  Further, strategy and planning generated without a deep understanding of execution is usually equally irrelevant.  Maroon Creek Operating Partners can help you implement processes to ensure your teams execute your strategy, manage deviations, integrate your strategic planning and execution cadences consistent with your needed agility, and not only get stuff done - but get the right stuff done quickly.

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