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Turnaround of Private Equity backed value based healthcare company for self insured employees
Venture Backed Bundled Health Payment Company:

Prematurely scaled (product-market fit without economic model fit) company growing at consistent -35% EBITDA growing through $6 M at 60% to 90% CAGR with growing customer churn.   As Interim CEO then President (w/o CEO), led transformation of board, executive team, corporate culture, corporate strategy, re-casting of core product, digital transformation, and recasting of entire order to cash cycle.  Accomplished 2x increase in customer value received and 4x increase in gross margin and 3x increase in revenue (over 60% CAGR).

Restoring operations and growth to Verizon Wireless vendor
Wireless Infrastructure Software Company:

$50M (CAN) revenue post-IPO wireless infrastructure software company wins a $270M contract with Verizon Wireless underestimates the challenge of 100%+ CAGR with a highly strategic customer.  As the interim operations executive, averted bankruptcy by a restructuring of the organization to improve accountability and restore operational performance, relationship and confidence building exercises, and a top down review and mitigation of key performance risks in the underlying software/hardware product.  Accomplished a retention of the key customer, averted bankruptcy, restored growth.

International Joint Venture, rapid growth health insurance company
Technology Driven Health Insurance Company:

South African Health Insurance Company growing organically at 29% seeks to accelerate growth.  Strategy developed calls for joint ventures with large dominant players in US state markets; first instance with Boston based Tufts Health Plan faced cultural, organizational, and technical challenges.  As interim CEO for the joint venture, led integration and development of new operation, development and deployment of product set, launch and initial operation of new venture.  Accomplished successful acceleration of profitable growth from 29% to 68% 2-year CAGR through $205M annual revenue (for entire US operation).

Turnaround of private equity backed rollup of media / ad solutions company
Private Equity Backed Media/Ad Solutions Company:

35 company roll-up providing ERP solutions to broadcast media / advertising with annual revenue of $125M.  As executive in turnaround team with $115M P&L.  Restructured product, program management office, sales support, consulting, systems integration, delivery, customer account management, and product/solution support organizations and processes.  Led rationalization of  over 2000 customers (10% in cure) and 750 software products.   Supported transformations of EMEA / AsiaPac organizations.  Transformed -76% EBITDA to +28% in less than one year; enabled strategic buyer exit.

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