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Maroon Creek Operating Partners helps companies and their investors accelerate corporate value creation.  We do this through advisory / coaching, hands-on project execution, and interim executive support for companies through corporate transitions.  We are experience operators, having held multiple CEO and COO roles in a variety of stages from concept through $200M+, in a variety of technology enabled industries.

We seek to support companies through the critical transitions of corporate value growth including capital planning and raise, leadership transitions, strategic planning and strategic pivots, organizational transformations associated with corporate development milestones and growth, product / market evaluations and launches / relaunches, M&A, and exit planning.  We work to raise the levels of the teams with whom we interact; delivering a specific outcome and increased capability to further corporate development.

Maroon Creek is the gateway to one of Colorado's most iconic peaks, Maroon Peak.  This iron-saturated sandstone mountain offers an excellent metaphor for the challenge of creating and growing a company to serve a true need and create corporate value.  With the right planning, preparedness, expertise to understand what will be needed and what won't, these peaks can be safely attained and descended.

We know growth.  Having sustained rapid growth in revenue and even faster growth in profitability multiple time.  We know how to drive equity valuation growth.


Jeff Waggoner, Managing Director, Maroon Creek Operating Partners
Jeff Waggoner
Managing Director

Jeff Waggoner is a proven transformational CEO / COO / CFO who leads businesses through product / market development/alignment, sales and marketing evolution, and operational restructuring to streamline and focus value delivery and capture using digital transformation, partnering and M&A, development of sustainable innovation, financial management, team transformation, and risk reduction to consistently build shareholder value.  Consistently exceeds targets for growth in Gross Margin and EBITDA and Revenue, Customer satisfaction / Net Promoter Score, Employee Satisfaction, and internal productivity measures.  Industry experience in healthcare, health payment/insurance, internet/SaaS, consulting, financial services, media, telecommunications, aerospace and defense.  International experience in 23 countries.  Strong data and technology experience.  P&L from concept to $115M/year, experience with Angel, Venture, Private Equity, and Public companies, strong early background in Fortune 100 and over 15 years in entrepreneurial companies.

Key Skills / Experiences:

• 3x CEO / 3x COO / 2x CFO High growth and/or profitability transformation to enable further growth / exit / sustainment.

• Business Advisory working with CEOs, boards, and their investors with over 30 organizations.

• Transformational Leadership. Led organizational transformations yielding step-change improvements in performance in 12+ organizations. Drove 3x improvement in unit Gross Margin and Revenue through $20+M, 4x improvement in Gross Margin. Turned around $50M company averting bankruptcy, restoring growth. Transformed JV to drive profitable CAGR from 29% to 68% through $205M.  Driven Multi-Year CAGR up to 600%.

• Structuring for Customer Experience / Value. Restructured products, operations, and drove digital transformations to deliver 50% greater customer value, NPS above 90%, and 71% lower delivery costs.
• Financial Acumen. Led creation/implementation of capital-efficient scaling and innovation raising angel and venture at multiple stages and completing Private Equity investment cycle.
• Developing High Performance Organizations. Built multiple executive and management teams, inspired entrepreneurial and accountable cultures and systems, and turned around multiple dysfunctional cultures.
• Entrepreneurial Agility. Drives rapid, balanced, and decisive decision making under high ambiguity.

• BS Engineering, MS Engineering, MBA, PMP

Growth Leadership as an Operator

Repetitive track record of growing revenue and profit
Predictive Index Certified Partner
Talent Optimzation Consultant Certificat

Contact:  (+1) 303.881.5647

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