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We serve growth-oriented businesses and their investors needing step changes in performance.

We bring the experience to help companies make and implement the key decisions that drive corporate value and realization of your goals.

The companies we help are typically, but not always, backed by angels, family-funds, venture capital, private equity, and other Institutional Investors.

We've been in your shoes, made mistakes, learned lessons.  We know how to help.


We know CEO's need an experienced, brutally honest thought partner to help bring objectivity to decisions and analysis, to facilitate and bring out their team's strategic perspectives, and who can provide a breadth of objective experience on critical decisions.

We know investors and boards need objective and honest assessments, a deep focus on risk reduction and value creation, and occasionally the steady hand of an interim executive to facilitate needed transitions.

Questions we can help you answer:

  • How do we align the investors, board, executive and management team in a compelling vision of success?
  • How do we accelerate growth?
  • How do we ensure that growth doesn't kill our value proposition, our team, and our company?
  • How do we position the company to raise capital and what kind of capital should we raise?
  • How do we use outside capital more effectively to lengthen the time between raises and reduce dilution?
  • How do we avoid raising capital and still drive growth?
  • Do we understand the risks in our company and have a plan to address them?
  • When will we be cash-flow positive and how do we get there?
  • When will we be profitable and how do we get there?
  • Why have we lost some customers but retained others; how do we restructure our products and services and the way we deliver them to improve customer retention?
  • If we are unable to raise capital quickly enough, how will we restructure our company for success?
  • How do we expand into new products, new markets,
  • How do we reliably predict future performance to build confidence with our board and investors?
  • How do we decide to acquire other companies, acquire them, and integrate them properly to obtain the desired result?
  • How do we position the company for an exit?